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Coco5 rehydration

Coco5 at Netball London Live

Coco5 at Netball London Live


Launching Coco5, the best tasting coconut water, into the UK and other global territories. Coco5 is a sports drink, designed by the Chicago Blackhawks ice hockey team, to maximise the benefits of natural electrolytes with unparalled rehydration abilities.


Coco5 has been positioned as the champion of second tier sports, from rugby, netball and amateur football, to ice hockey, squash and motor racing. They may not be on Sky Sports but they have a massive following and both players and followers understand the value of rehydration. The PR maximises the commercial strategy to engage smaller outlets who are directly linked to the brand values.


The programme has recruited high profile sporting brand ambassadors such as Sir Ian McGeechan and Kenny Logan in the UK, Colin McCarthy of the NFL, and Andrew Shaw of the NHL in the US. These major personalities have been combined with local news and comment on the high profile sugar debate to drive the social media focussed programme. Over 5m Twitter accounts have been reached with over 9,000 Facebook pages reached per month.