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Cointreau Celebrity Collaboration


Drive awareness of a limited edition Cointreau bottle designed by French fashion designer Catherine Malandrino and the brand's collaboration with internationa icon, Dita Von Teese


A tactical, gifting-led media relations drive to promote the desirability and availability of the designer bottle exclusive to Selfridges for £129.99. Maximising agency contacts, we targeted journalists in food, drink, lifestyle and news with great results. A limited number of bottles were sent to influencers to create word of mouth in the run up to Christmas and for exclusive promotions.

Simultaneously, selected journalists were invited to a secret Dita von Teese performance in a Parisian venue and given a rare opportunity to interview her.


33 pieces of coverage were achieved including five nationals of which 82% used a branding image. All designer bottles were sold and more than 5,000 entries received to the exclusive promotions.