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Mars Ice Cream


To drive awareness and increase credibility for Mars ice cream range in a trading environment that was dominated by Wall’s ice creams and to develop closer relationships with the trade media to increase opportunities for coverage

in their branded freezers in spite of the end of a long term monopoly by Wall’s which sparked the well-known ‘freezer wars’


Our approach was to steal a march on Wall’s ice cream at every opportunity. We hijacked the annual ice cream industry portfolio spring launch by announcing Mars’ range in January. By doing so, we were able to achieve solus news coverage for the new Mars ice cream range as well as a significant share of voice in the ice cream features – a double whammy. Across the year we drip-fed news stories and monthly sales bulletins during the summer period as well as sending ice creams into publishing houses on hot summer days. We also targeted journalists with time-specific stories linked to super-hot days with case studies to demonstrate the increase in Mars ice cream sales at key times.


Our campaign was independently audited by Metric and the agency achieved 65% greater share of voice than Mars ice cream’s key competitors on a lower budget. During the pre-summer sell-in period, coverage in key titles helped to facilitate trade negotiations. Research conducted on behalf of Mars among retailers showed that credibility levels for Mars ice creams increased and its reputation was improved.