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Make Time for wine


Raise awareness of the range and quality of wine available in the UK via a month long generic wine promotion initiative.



Bringing the industry together in the first ever generic wine promotion was fundamental to the success of National Wine Month.  With the support of the trade media we lobbied producers, sellers, educators and influencers to get behind the initiative and promote the theme ‘Make Time for Wine’.   Bespoke promotional materials were created to download digitally and display in outlets.  One to one briefings and tastings were held with key opinion formers and media houses.  Media relations pre-promoted the month and provided content for editorial and promotions from April to June.  All activity was channelled through social media and dovetailed into the trade and consumer media relations campaign.  Wine educators ran bespoke consumer tastings at events across the UK.



Over 50 trade partners including major retailers, wine producers, pubs and restaurants supported the initiative with in-store activity.  The campaign generated over 400 pieces of coverage with a circulation of 174.5m and drove 5000 visits to the website. Over 160 different retailers and on-trade venues downloaded POS materials to promote National Wine Month and wine experts held over 50 consumer tastings across the UK themed to Make Time for Wine educating over 2500 consumers. 

“National Wine Month is a great idea and one that will only get bigger and better. We in M&S, think that a little better understanding of what can sometimes seem a complicated area makes an enormous difference to the way we appreciate wine.” M&S

“In-store POS which linked into our own Wine Festival activity went out to all stores and was a great success. We sold nearly 1000 of the Ultimate Wine Tasting cases during National Wine Month and actually ran out of stock which meant we had to substitute it with a more expensive Entertaining Dozen which then sold a further 400.” Tesco