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Respectful Eggs for Stonegate Farmers


Generate widespread coverage of the world’s first environmentally friendly egg brand.


We hired the services of green gardening personality Charlie Dimmock to maximise awareness of the brand’s low carbon assets and take the story out of the food pages. Available exclusively from Asda, day 1 saw Charlie deliver the first delivery of eggs by horse and cart to their flagship store on Old Kent Road. Breakfast shows at Capital, Heart and Magic radio stations broadcast with Charlie and ‘breakfasted’ on low carbon scrambled egg. The creation of a recipe booklet illustrated the versatility of Respectful Eggs as well as highlighting their USP.


The campaign achieved over 80 pieces of coverage including 40 key nationals and reached over 15 million primary shoppers and generating demand for all 5,000 recipe booklets created. A 15% sales increase was reported driven purely by PR.