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Leading independent school


Increase awareness of Surbiton High School and position it as one of the leading independent schools in the UK.


Raise the profile of Surbiton High School’s Principal Ann Haydon amongst opinion formers in the Education sector and highlight select students to illustrate how Surbiton High School can help pupils achieve their highest potential in all areas. A real time media relations approach allowed us to piggyback the news agenda putting Ann forward for comment on issues including The International Baccalaureate and getting a Surbiton High School pupil interviewing Nick Clegg on live radio. Interviews in the national media and TV were secured for talented pupils including Danusha Francis and Darcie Mead. News generation looking at the Happiest Profession secured national coverage outside the education sector.


Widespread editorial media coverage was achieved including a full page feature in the Telegraph which generated over 200 RTs on Twitter. Pearson awarded Ann Haydon a Distinction for Headteacher of the Year in a Secondary School in London and the South East.