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The Pogues Whisky

the Pogues Whisky is born

the Pogues Whisky is born


To launch the official Irish whisky of the legendary band. A collaboration between West Cork Distillers, one of only three independent whiskey distilleries in Ireland and the internationally acclaimed band, The Pogues.


An event at the London spiritual home of the Pogues - the Boogaloo in Highgate. A broad guestlist to mix trade and consumer media with music media, celebrities and of course The Pogues


Circulation of over 35 million people via broadcast, print and online media, with social media reach over three million. Coverage appeared in key trade and consumer media outlets.

In the words of Shane Macgowan.

"You go twice around the world to find diamonds in your back yard.

And there’s no doubting The Pogues have put in the hard yards.

We must’ve been around this sod so many times we’ve air-miles from the angels.

And all the way, no matter how hard the going, we throttled every bit of joy out of it.

“Oh if you could bottle that,” they said. Sure fuck it, we’ll give it a go.

And now here we are, The Pogues Irish Whiskey, the spirit of the band. Bottled.

A measure of who we are, made with the sole intention of spreading that same raucous joy.

It’s a diamond alright, in a lot of rough - what you make of it’s your own lookout."