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The launch of Three Vines


Launch the first ever brand extension for Jacob’s Creek in the UK and differentiate Three Vines from the rest of the range.


We positioned Three Vines as a fun and contemporary Australian wine, perfect with food. Mad though it sounds, we sent a film of grapes dancing to the tune of ‘Heard it through the Grapevine’ as a media teaser. Research around the evening eating occasion was commissioned to generate a news hook which resonated with the audience’s busy lifestyle. To illustrate this visually we produced a short film and sold in to online sites such as and Food bloggers were targeted to taste and write about the wines, both professionally and personally.


Coverage appeared in 35 key nationals and 40 regionals exceeding targets by 75%. Broadcast coverage highlights included being named as ‘Wine for the Weekend’ on the ITV1 Alan Titchmarch Show. The short film was viewed over 20,500 times and drove almost 6000 visits to the website.