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Grant's True Tales


Build brand engagement, support the on-pack activity and link into the Global PR Platform ‘True Tales’.


The theme ‘Family Stories’ was identified as a credible one for Grant’s to own due to its family-owned’ status with five generations of expertise status. The campaign focused on positioning Grant’s as the facilitator of family gatherings where not only are stories shared (often over a dram) but also created. Family man and ancestry enthusiast Andrew Castle promoted the initiative and raise awareness of the competition where by people could win an extra special family gathering which would be recorded for posterity. Media relations, interview placements and research looking at family get-togethers secured coverage across all sections of the media.


133 pieces of coverage including 35 nationals generated a total circulation of over 137m and ROI of 9:1. The website reported an increase in traffic of 15% and a redemption rate of almost 2% vs market norm of 1-1.5%.